A Dedicated Trip Planner for Europe


Planning an ideal trip can take a lot of time and can be frustration as well, and how to be sure you don’t miss out on some cool things to do and places to visited? You just want a tool that provides this for you and shows your travel route on a map. That's the key insight behind EuroTrip Planner (http://www.eurotripplanner.eu/); a map orientated trip planning tool specially design for planning a trip to Europe. With the greatest imagery and tons of background information it provides a top down approach to explore the continent. First it will get you familiar with cities like Paris, London and Berlin. Once you are comfortable with the web application and the major tourist attractions just zoom in and get to know cities like Florence, Munich and Lyon. Every city can be explored to shows the places of interest. Now you know better what’s interesting and where to go. The trip planner connects the added places for you so you have your very own trip route at your disposal. Maybe some little village on the way or a UNESCO world heritage site? Just add them, and when finished planning hit save and install the mobile app and take your itinerary on the go. The mobile app is designed in such a way that it functions great offline as well, so while sitting in a plane heading for Europe you can read all about the places you’re going to visit in a bit. The mobile app provides the option to download the city maps beforehand so you can navigate without needing to have a internet connection! Check it out: http://www.eurotripplanner.eu/.

Indexing Cities


dr. Nescio is a application that indexes and ranks cities based on individual sights, like museums, parks, hotels, bars and music venues. Dr. Nescio, as this program and algorithm is called, is capable of doing this by analyzing thousands of Megabytes of data from among others, Foursquare, lastfm.com and Wikipedia. This results in a great collection of valuable data grouped around individual cities. That's exactly what we love! Because now we are able to compare cities with each other, and give a valid answer to questions like: 'What's the best city to go in Europe, if you like to visit museums?' or 'What's the best city to party in the Netherlands?' Other than publishers like Lonely Planet these recommendations are not based on the opinion of a single or a single view editors or travelers, but are based on hundreds of thousands individual user ratings. This enables use to give a result that better represents the opinion of individual travelers. We believe in 'the wisdom of the crowd' or that 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts'.

The word cloud at the right shows the most popular (and best rated) cities we have index. If you are looking for a specific city you can use the menu on top of this page. If you are not sure where to got but you know the region or country of your next destination already browse towards the country under 'All cities' in the menu and we will show you the city where other travelers felt in love with!

Jakarta New York CIty Saint Petersburg London Moscow Sao Paulo Berlin Paris Amsterdam Anakra Chicago Istanbul Philadelphia Rio de Janeiro Belo Horizonte Vienna Los Angeles Mexico City Prague San Francisco Rome

Top Museums


One example can be given by ordering the top museums in the our database. The museums with the highest rating are shown in the photo slide show at the left. All the great museums of the world are rated by thousands of individuals on foursquare. We are happy enough that foursquare is willing to share these results with us. So if you are not sure where to go but you know you love art, maybe you next trip is to Istanbul to admire the unique mosque/church the Hagia Sofia. Or maybe next summer you are walking down the streets of Russia's second city Saint Petersburg and check out the Hermitage, one of the biggest museums in the world. Other great options are visiting the recently re-opened Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, the Prado in Madrid or MoMA in New York City or the Musée du Louvre or Centre Pompidou - Musée National both in Paris.

Top Monuments


The same as is done in the example before, we can run the a similar query to present the most monumental places in the world. The photo slide show on the right show will guide you though the ones with the highest user ratings. Are you are real cosmopolitan? Then you probably have heard, or even have visit, the Colosseum in Rome, the Parthenon in Athens, La Alhambra in Granada (Spain) or Sydney Opera House (Sydney)

The CityIndex result page enables you also to generate your very own search result. If you are looking for example for a destination with a lot of historicity, great museums and good hotels. Just navigate to the CityIndex check the check boxes 'monuments', 'wikipedia', 'hotels' and 'museums'. And a wonderful city which match these preferences will come up in a sec.